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Determine technical expertise and competency level of candidates for robust recruitment and training processes.

A software professional's skill set is due to a combination of his or her academic career, industrial training and on job experience. With myriad different possibilities for each of them, estimating expertise based solely on a professional's profile, can have a high margin of error.

At Elucidation we have developed a quantitative technical evaluation process that establishes a professional's know-how and proficiency level with greater assurance. It is designed as a fine grained evaluation scheme, where a candidate's technical competency is evaluated in terms of a technology's constituent concepts and know-how points.

The competency level for each concept or know-how point is determined by assessing the candidate's conceptual understanding, knowledge of runtime behavior and ability to communicate technical information using the appropriate concepts and terminology. The overall competency at any technology is statistically computed over all the individual concept and know-how point assessments.

This evaluation method identifies a candidate's current technical strengths, areas of familiarity and gaps in know-how with greater granularity. Such detailed break up is extremely useful in determining the roles, responsibilities and tasks for which the candidate will be most productive. In addition, the information can also be used to focus training efforts on areas of deficiency and improve the ROI of training programs.

To ensure ease of incorporating our Competency Evaluation service with client's recruitment and training processes, we have automated the entire evaluation process with our custom EvalPro software. To further aid decision making, a built in business analytics engine allows comparisons of a candidate's expertise with chosen population of previously evaluated candidates.

A candidate can be evaluated for any of the technologies supported by Elucidation . The client will receive a report containing the candidates consolidated competency level for all the tested technologies. Also included will be the candidate's competency level for each of the constituent concepts and know-how points as well as statistical comparisons to general and client defined candidate populations.

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