Elucidation LLC Services


We deliver a gamut of services that cater to your various needs. Our SAP services span across all the core business and technology processes.

bulletSAP Consulting / Implementation
for the full spectrum of SAP modules and related SAP ESOA technologies and applicable to all stages of your project life cycle; we can provide the skilled SAP consultants at the right price for a successful project and tangible results.

bulletSAP Application Hosting
is a flexible, fully managed solution that can help you obtain the infrastructure you need today - without a significant up-front investment - and begin realizing the business benefits of SAP easier and sooner.

bulletSAP Offshoring
customizes SAP to meet our clients requirements via extremely cost competitve price structure to deliver superior value to our clients with experienced people, dependable service, commitment and dedication.

bulletSAP Asset Development
For college graduates with exemplary academic achievements, we offer a unique opportunity for you to cash in on SAP's global leadership position.

bulletSAP Corporate End User Training
Elucidation will help you leverage "Just in Time" educational and technology solutions. Working together with your project team, our primary concern is the success of your SAP implementation and, ultimately, your business results.

bulletSAP Technical Know-How Evaluation Service
A unique service to assess and view a professional's technical expertise in multiple dimensions. The expertise reporting is designed to support recruitment, training and task assignment decisions.

bulletSAP Recruitment Services
client's expertise requirements are recommended. In a nutshell, Our clients can scale up quickly and cost-effectively without the risk of non performance.

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