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Our Technical Evaluation based selection approach eliminates unsuitable candidates early, reducing your recruitment efforts by 60 to 90%.

At Elucidation, We employ extensive Technical Evaluation along with profile matching to identifying suitable candidates for our clients.

Our approach stems from the realization that a candidate's profile alone is a poor indicator of expertise and that clients assign critical technical personnel to internally evaluate candidates. We strive to refer professionals with high job suitability assurance for reducing the client's overhead of evaluating unsuitable candidates.

To achieve a high acceptance rate, we go beyond traditional profiling parameters to include technical competency levels. The recruitment service combines the Technical Competency evaluation service to identify a candidate's technical strengths, areas of familiarity and gaps in know-how with good certainty.

In addition to technical evaluation, a round of HR interview is performed. A candidate's Communication skills, experience evaluation and career expectations fit with the clients career

track are inferred. The HR interview is followed by a customary back ground check and references follow up is performed to validate work experience to complete the assessment.

Only candidates that have the required competency level in all the relevant technologies and show the required soft skills during the HR interview are referred to the client.

We also provide recruitment profile advisory. Upon the client's request, analyse the value addition sought from the new hire, envisioned role and responsibilities, time frame for becoming effective at the job, impact of the non performance and long term expertise requirements to create a viable recruitment profile.

The recruitment service is backed up by a well defined process for maintaining a high service level. The process is powered by our custom Recruitment Professional Work Flow engine and Evaluation Professional software, giving us the ability to recruit in large numbers, without compromising our quality of service.

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