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SAP Corporate End-User Training

Elucidation will help you leverage "Just in Time" educational and technology solutions. Working together with your project team, our primary concern is the success of your SAP implementation and, ultimately, your business results.

Through our extensive, multi-industry experience, Elucidation can champion the success of your SAP implementation by:

  • Designing and delivering a project team training strategy and tools
  • Designing and delivering an end-user training and support strategy
  • Designing and delivering a project communication strategy and tools
  • Designing and delivering comprehensive, customized multimedia end-user materials to support your current implementation and subsequent phases
  • Improving the usability of existing training and support materials
  • Determining a post-implementation training and documentation support strategy

Greater customer satisfaction, marked improvement in the quality of work and an increase in end-user productivity are just a few of the benefits you will notice when you provide educational services during your SAP implementation. Our programs ensure your end-users are knowledgeable and fully prepared to perform their tasks. Individuals are more productive when they fully understand your organization's objectives, ultimately increasing your return on investment.

Training Approach
Elucidation has made a significant investment in developing specific methodologies and tools that enable our professionals to be more productive and better leverage our collective expertise. Using our training methodology and our business process understanding, our focus is on "knowledge-transfer". This ensures your resources are trained on the system and will eventually become self-sufficient in using SAP software. Our approach is proven and ensures your SAP training solution is implemented on time and within budget. Its flexibility allows for a scalable approach for projects of various sizes and durations. One of our new methodologies for training is Webinar, i.e. training through the web. This has become highly popular in situations where groups of people at different locations have to be trained simultaneously.

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